The goal of Reber Genetics is to be a pioneer in the world of animal vaccines. In recent years, we have shown great ambition and creativity.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to achieving even greater success. So we need the best talent to achieve our goal.
We value each one of our colleagues. Bring your talent to Reber and be part of this big family!

•  Year-end bonus
•  Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn bonuses
•  Innovation initiative bonus
•  Special achievement bonus

Welfare system
•  Five-day week
•  Annual leave
•  Labor Insurance, Health Insurance and sound Group Insurance coverage
•  Labor pension contribution plan
•  Monetary birthday gift and Labor’s Day gift
•  Wedding and funeral gift etiquette
•  Education and training
•  Activities for employees such as year-end party
•  Welfare provisions from the Employee Welfare